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We are creating an environment. Living art. A natural oasis, contained in a glass box.


Award-winning aquascapes from regional, national and international events as well as commissioned designs.

Demonstrations & Workshops

Hands-on workshops and demonstrations to inspire and illustrate aquascaping techniques and practices.


Presentations for hobbyists of all levels and interests, from basics of plant keeping through more advanced aquascaping topics.

Events & Appearances


2/15-17 The Big Fish Deal, Gaithersburg MD (aquascaping contest & demonstration)
3/16 James River Aquarium Society (JRAS) Spring Fling, Richmond VA (aquascaping demonstration)
5/3-5 The Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention, Seattle WA
5/TBD Bermuda Fry Angle meeting, Bermuda (speaking)
9/13-15 Keystone Clash, York PA (speaking & demonstration)
9/27-29 Aquashella, Chicago IL (participating in Oase BiOrb Terrarium Challenge)
10/11-13 The Aquatic Experience, Meadowlands NJ (Aquascaping LIVE! competition)

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